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Bowling Team Designs

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Bowling Team Designs


Bowling Team Designs

Here at Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel, we're avid bowlers (well, at least Dave is), and believe each bowling team should have its own identity, style and look. This means that your team is our highest priority. Each team is given full attention, full effort and we're not done until you love it.

From Airway Friends Collection featuring "In Dave We Trust", "Dusty Balls" and "Ludlow Fire", to Thunderbirds Fanatics, we have no end to the ways your team can stand out.

Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel Can Sponsor You

We at Dave's Logo Apparel love slapping our name on everything we can, and getting the message out on just how much more important your image is than ours. We do this by sponsoring not just bowling teams, but sponsoring any team. We are a company that believes in the power of team, and your team is no exception.

If you'd like us to sponsor your bowling team, you will get the shirts at no cost (or reduced depending on cost of the product). In return, our logo and website will be placed on the shirt, not so big that you can't see the team name. We'll put it on the front chest, and the website below the actual logo. All we ask is that you tell everyone where you got your shirts from, and on your league standing sheets, you call yourself the DLD (Dave's Logo Designs)[your team here]. That's all. We'll cheer you on, you'll get your own collection, and if you want to get people to buy your team's shirts, we may set some money aside (depending on how much) so you guys can celebrate a job well done. Restrictions apply

Tips for your Bowling Team Designs

  • Make sure to know your team name, and have an idea about what you'd like for colors, team members, and anything you could tell us to make it easier
  • If you're not happy, don't accept it. Once you accept a design, you are certifying that everything is correct, and you're overjoyed with the results. No refunds will be given for designs you just don't like after all.
  • Be constructive with the critiquing. If you don't like it, be specific, so we can know if we're on the right path
  • Don't wait until the last seconds, shirts take a minimum of 2 weeks after the design is approved to get the order made and shipped.
  • We will not deliver any products, you will order them on the site, and have them delivered to you. If for some reason you can't, we will work with you on getting the product in your hands.
  • Once you get them, make sure the sizes are right, the colors are right and everything is perfect. If there is any issues with the product, take a picture and E-Mail Us - Make sure to include your order number and your name, so we can find the order. Give us information with what is wrong (if there's names on the shirt, give us the name of the player, and what was wrong. If they're generic, without names, what size was it. This helps us see what we need to do to work with the printer in as quick of a manner as possible. The body is started in the e-mail, please add the information where applicable and include all the information you can to make it easier. Mistakes happen, we're going to make it right.