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Dave's Logo Designs Company Policies

We at Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel want you to be as informed as you can be when it comes to our services, products and policies.


Return/Refund Policy

Dave's Logo Designs does not (at this time) accept returns for any reason. If your product comes to you in a quality you didn't expect, with issues, you must take a picture of it and E-Mail Us and make sure to put your order number, name, the issue, and pictures of the issues. We will work with our vendor Custom Cat, and make things right. We will work with them, and they're very good about getting mistakes fixed quickly.

There will also be no refund for any product you purchase. The reason for this is that you purchased the product willingly, and if there's errors, we'll get it fixed. If you ordered the wrong color, we'll work with you to get the right one. Order the wrong size? We'll help you. There will be so many opportunities for us to get you into the right product, or a better one, that we'll work with you.


If you wish to solicit your business/services to Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel, we will listen. We recommend that if you want to do business with us we never knew you had, your provide us with the following information:

  • Cost prudent to our project
  • The service you will provide us (include with this what you'd do for us, what we need, and what your service will improve for this company), make the proposal unique to us, generic advertisements get deleted and ignored immediately
  • What the money we're spending gets us
  • All information you can give us to make a very informed decision
We will not make any decision without those core pieces of information. Routine/repeated solicitations will have your e-mail blocked.



We work with Custom Cat Designs based in Detroit, Michigan. They handle all the printing and shipping needs. The price you pay is the price we pay for shipping. They utilize the US Postal Service. If you pay for faster shipping, it doesn't move your order any faster during printing/production. That just means when it leaves their facility, it gets to your door quicker. For shipping questions, you can E-Mail Us and we will talk with them and get back to you as fast as possible.


Any information we collect (name, address, e-mail) is used only for order referencing. E-Mails may be used for e-mail marketing, but we will not spam you. We will NEVER give your information to any company without your permission.