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Our Featured Product

Chicopee's Favorite Bunny Hoodie

Dave's Logo Apparel is excited to feature the Chicopee's Favorite Bunny collection, especially this hoodie! For the residents of Chicopee, Massachusetts, there is but one man who makes everyone smile, and that is Bernard Murray, AKA "Bunny". This man's wave to traffic keeps motorists happy as we go about our way. His sunny smile, happy demeanor, and overall personality makes the community burst with pride. The citizens of Chicopee have decided to honor him with a statue, and we're working hard to help them.

You can learn all about the community's drive through his Chicopee's Favorite Bunny Facebook Page! . There you'll see updates on everything you need to know!

Help everyone in Chicopee celebrate this man who has lit up a community for over 75 years!

Our Featured Charitable Collection

Celebrating Chicopee's Favorite, the man affectionately known as Bunny! His infections personality makes the community of Chicopee, Massachusetts beam with pride and happiness unseen in most other people. He waves to traffic and everyone beeps a vehicular hello. We are proud to be affiliated with Bunny and this drive to give him the biggest honor we can bestow... a statue of his likeness. We're working hard with the community to provide him exactly what Bunny deserves. Dave's Logo Apparel donates 2/3 of all profits to the Bunny Statue Fund, held at the Alden Credit Union across from Lucky Strike Restaurant in Chicopee, Massachusetts!

Our Charitable Collections