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Help us support the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline with this bowling jersey!

50% of all profits to benefit 988 and its subsidiaries. You are not alone, God's not done with you.

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Welcome to Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel

NOTE: We cannot recreate or use copyrighted images, no exceptions. Dave's Logo Designs holds the right to reject a design idea that may infringe on the basis of copyright or other reasons.

We are excited to be the title sponsor of Airway Friends!

We at Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel firmly believe that transparency, ethics and motivation to give you any apparel that makes you stand above the rest. We believe that your image is more important than ours, and we strive every day to make that more than just a statement, but our complete way of doing things. We believe that if you're not 100% needing that item now... we aren't done designing it. WE won't design anything for you we wouldn't like, wouldn't want representing us, or wouldn't want our name on. This means you get 200% effort where others just try.

Janik Sausage - Chicopee, MA

Look how awesome these Janik Sausage Jerseys look!

There's nothing better than seeing our jerseys in action... Look good at the lanes, on the lanes, and not even at the alley!

T-Birds Fanatics - Chicopee, MA

Fanatics looking good from the back (Front's great too)

Chicopee Comp Bowling Team

Chicopee Comprehensive High School of Chicopee, MA got these awesome looking Colts Jerseys!

Perfection is a not an option, but a requirement!

If you're not absolutely certain this is the jersey for you, we'll continue to create until you're so happy, you're mad you don't have it. You shouldn't sacrifice your team's jersey for anyone. We're not offended if you want to tweak even the most minute detail. Perfection is a 2 way street, and if it's not perfect, we don't want you wearing it.

Once ordered, the shirt may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Expect at least 2 Weeks from order to delivery. Feel free to click the chat icon below if there's any issues. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY ISSUES WITH SHIPPING.


The Dodgefathers Dodgeball Team rocking a custom team shirt from Dave's Logo Apparel!

Proud Sponsor of the OTPH Show

We are proud to be one of the title sponsors of the OTPH Show featuring Scott Laffond and our own David Mason!

Watch these two in action as they take to the airwaves to talk, make you laugh, educate, and entertain. Catch them Thursday Night on Youtube, Facebook and X!

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