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Mookie's Lemonade - A Cup of Love

All of the items in the Mookie's Lemonade collection was inspired by an awesome little lady named Cheyenne "Mookie" Orlandi. With mom, Amanda, she's an unstoppable. Between BMX racing and the Mookie's Lemonade logo, we can't stop it with this little lady. We are truly inspired by her, the entire Orlandi Family, and wish nothing but the best for this awesome little lady.


We feel you are entitled to exactly what you want. No settling, no need to ever believe that you can't have it exactly your way.

That's why we feel here at Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel that we will work forever if that is what it takes to give you exactly what you wanted, and then some. That's why all our custom designs are not charged until you must have it, and have it now.

What we mean to tell you is... until you can't live with out it, we're not done, and we don't get paid. Take your time, be picky, we're not going to complain.

NOTE: We cannot recreate or use copyrighted images, no exceptions. Dave's Logo Designs holds the right to reject a design idea that may infringe on the basis of copyright or other reason.

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