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BMX Mookie Youth Hoodie

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This Item Can Be Customized - See Instructions in Description for How

Nothing Cooler in Colder Weather than this Youth Hoodie

Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel is proud to sponsor Mookie's Lemonade.  Then we found out that she also BMX races. This means we're also proud to put all boys on notice. She's fast, and she's coming!

We are proud to be associated with Mookie, her family, and the lemonade stand that started this all. We love her heart, drive, competitive spirit, and energy she brings to a room. No one's keeping her back, and we're pulling for her all the way.


  • Do NOT purchase the shirt before you put in the request to customize. If you buy the shirt first, you will not be refunded any money, no exceptions.
  • Send us an E-Mail and let us know the color of the shirt you want, and what you would like to change on the shirt. Please Note that the BMX logo on the back MUST stay with the logos, but you can add your name instead of the Mookie's Lemonade Logo, or add it above or below the logo.
  • If you'd like to add your own BMX Team's Logo, please note that the back print WILL NOT BE CUSTOMIZABLE. If you wish to use your BMX Team's Logo, you must include permission from the owner of the logo, or prove that you are the owner. We will not use copyrighted images, no exceptions
  • Dave's Logo Designs will design the shirt, send you a preview, and if you like it, and want it, we will add it to the store. IF A SHIRT IS ADDED TO THE STORE, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO BUY IT.
  • Our team will work with you on the design, and message you at the e-mail you provided us.
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Hoodie style is G185B Youth Pullover Hoodie