369% Asshole - It it Enough?

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Asshole Loading Box

This Item is Available for Customizing - See Description

We All Know Someone who is Like This

We all have someone in our lives, who is just an asshole... good, or bad, they definitely fill the requirement. This shirt is our way of letting them announce that with pride. Featuring the Asshole loading bar, you can customize it with any percentage you'd like, and even go as far as putting the print either on the front or back (no additional charge).

Customizing Instructions

Do Not Order Any Item to Customize BEFORE Contacting Us

  • If you want to customize this shirt, E-Mail Us to request the customizing
  • Be specific on the percentage of asshole you want us to use, and any other information (loading bar and box must remain). IF you want to add a print to the front, it's $5.00 extra. IF you want to change where the picture is (front or back), there will be no charge. Any changes will be free of charge.
  • If you approve a custom design, you must purchase the product.
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T-Shirt Style is G500 5.3oz 100% Cotton Shirt