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Our Policies and Procedures - Need to Know



Dave's Logo Designs will not solicit our services to you, we would appreciate if you have services, with no desire to utilize ours, that you refrain from messaging us on our website's contact page.  We will usually not respond, or respond with a firm no.  If you want to ask us to use your services, please utilize our e-mail at daveslogodesigns@gmail.com. 


Dave's Logo Designs allows some of our products to be customized.  Usually, they are listed in the description of the product.  If we allow customizing, we will usually put the price for customizing.  We ask that you do not purchase the main product.  The customizing has to be done by the printing provider (we are not).  If you purchase a product and want us to customize it, we cannot.  If that is the case, you would have to purchase another product.  We may not be able to refund (see refund policy).  Customized products are the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all spelling and information is correct.  Dave's Logo Designs will send you a proof in the form of a link to the product (which will be hidden to other customers).  You check the spelling and make sure that it's correct.  After viewing the information, you will then purchase the product.  By purchasing the product, which includes the cost of customizing (if any), you add a signature that everything is correct and you like it.  If it is not correct and is not to your satisfaction, you will e-mail or call Dave's Logo Designs (413)885-3556 and explain what you want to be changed.  No matter how many times it is changed by us.  Until it is perfect, you owe nothing.  However, if you like it, you must purchase the item.  


Our design services include business cards, created logos, and files to create letterhead for your company.  We offer a multitude of prints and such you can use to advertise in-store.  To utilize our services for designs, please e-mail daveslogodesigns@gmail.com.  Dave's Logo Designs will work with you.  Each product is different, and we take them all, believing "Your Image is More Important Than Ours".  This means we won't design anything for you, we wouldn't design for us.  All our prices are flat rate and don't cost any extra because you're not happy. 

Our design services also include:

  • Filetype of your choice.  We can create almost any type of file.
  • Creation of file size you need
  • Unlimited looks, no extra cost.
  • Upfront and transparent business practices
  • Previews on products like business cards and letterheads. 

How the design process works:

  • After we're contacted about helping your business, we start by getting a few preliminary designs started.  We will make a face-to-face meeting (if you're close enough to us for travel) to show you our designs, and further explain how we could help you.  If a face-to-face meeting cannot be made due to the distance needed to travel, then we utilize facebook, twitter, skype (if needed) and other means to communicate with you on a personal level (e-mail too).  We send you looks that we put overlays on (a near-transparent font or image over the top to hinder people using the image - this doesn't hurt the look).  
  • After meeting, if any of the designs are approved, Dave's Logo Designs will e-mail you an invoice.  Once the invoice is paid, the project is delivered.  Dave's Logo Designs does offer business cards made here.  However, if other services are preferred, Dave's Logo Designs will pay for the order, and invoice you the cost, that must be paid before the product is delivered.  
  • Once an invoice is paid, Dave's Logo Designs will deliver through either e-mail or personal drop off (no extra charge) to you.  If you pay in cash, please let Dave's Logo Designs know, and we'll bring the product with us.  
  • Dave's Logo Designs is not responsible for misprinted items.  By paying and agreeing to pay, you are telling us our spelling is correct, and the entire project is right.  


  • Let us know what needs to be changed.  We can change virtually anything you have.  NOTE:  Dave's Logo Designs will not do borderline offensive ANYTHING.  If you have an image in mind that we can't use because it may be offensive, we'll work with you on how to avoid that.  
  • After the adjustment is requested, we will work on your project, but we will create a sub of the file, so if your company's file is COMPANY, the second version would be COMPANY - V1.  If you like v1, but need to change it, then it'd be v1.1 and so on.  This way, you can always review, and if you prefer the older versions, you can tell us, you'd like V1 and we'll still have it on file. 


If you want a logo designed, we will e-mail you an invoice from daveslogodesigns@gmail.com with the invoice.  You have 30 days to pay the invoice.  If you do not, you will be subject to late fees.  No final products will be delivered to you unless you pay the fee.  Dave's Logo Designs will ship you looks to your e-mail that have an overlay.  Won't hurt the look, just would hurt the look if you try to cover over it.  

If you do not set up a payment arrangement or pay the bill in 30 days, the following late fee structure applies:

  • Day 40-Day 50 - $15.00 in late fees.  This will be added into a second invoice.  No projects are delivered.  If we purchased business cards for you, they stay with us until they are.  If it's a business product design, the item does not go in to the store for purchase until it's paid for.  
  • Day 51-61 - $15.00 in late fees as well.  This will be the third invoice.  Same as 40-50 with one exception, if it's not paid by day 62, the project is deleted.  Invoice will be sent to authorities and proper officials for further attempts.  


It is the responsibility of our customer to contact us through phone or e-mail (not this site) to daveslogodesigns@gmail.com.  Any payment arrangement must be at least 50% of the bill.  Dave's Logo Designs holds the right to require a higher amount to be paid for the first payment.  Dave's Logo Designs also holds the sole right to approve or deny any kind of payment arrangement.  Dave's Logo Designs also holds the right to determine payment type as well.  

If a payment arrangement is breached, any late fees associated before the date will be applied.  If an arrangement is made for day 42, Dave's Logo Designs will not charge the $15 late fee initially.  If the payment arrangement is breached, you will be charged the late fee. 


If you must pay by credit card, let Dave's Logo Designs know, so we can invoice you through the site for credit card processing.  Other Forms include:

Cash, Check, Money Order, Bank Check and Pay Pal Transfer.  For Checks, Money Orders or Bank Checks, make them out to David Mason.  Dave's Logo Designs' owner and sole employee (as of now).  



Any design project or custom designed product is non-refundable.  Dave's Logo Designs will be unable to provide refunds, based upon the fact that custom items have no resale ability.  By paying for the product and project in the first place, you certified the product was correct.  If it's a printing error, Dave's Logo Apparel will work with the custom printer to get you another product.  We will not refund the money for any reason.  

If a product you purchased is not customized, we will try to get you another product unless we cannot.  We will only refund money if we have exhausted all avenues.  


We only have your information stored for helping you order products easier.  We don't utilize anyone else, nor will we.  We find it irritating when our name gets out, we won't be that company.  If you create a login with us, the only time we'll contact you is when we have new products like what you purchased.  

If there's anything we can do to assist you further, send us an E-Mail, or message us on facebook.