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COVID Information

Your safety is our highest priority, that is why during this time, if you need us to personally deliver anything to you, we will do so under strict guidelines.  


  1. We will wear a mask, and request you do the same.
  2. The items you ordered will be in their bag...  we recommend you wash the articles before you wear it.  Bag may be open so we can check to see if the item is the right and looks proper.  
  3. When we deliver, we request that if you're paying upon receipt, you have the money counted and in an envelope, or another way to prevent us touching hands.  
  4. During the delivery, social distancing guidelines will be followed.  
  5. Traditional "handshake" will turn into a fist bump, elbow, or waive... 

We want to ensure your safety, and if more protocols are needed, we will gladly inform you so you can be ready to follow them.  

With the COVID restrictions lessening, we will continue to follow precautions on all personal deliveries.  Masks and distancing measures will still be followed.