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Dave's Logo Apparel - COVID Information

Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel - COVID Information

Your safety is our highest priority, that is why during this time, if you need us to personally deliver anything to you, we will do so under strict guidelines.  


  1. We will only wear a mask if you request it. We will also cancel any face-to-face if you are not, or we are not, feeling well. This includes colds, flu, COVID or any other illness. We request you be upfront and honest about this.
  2. If a product delivery is needed, we will leave the item in the bag. The bag will be open so we can confirm the order looks good and is correct. We recommend you clean the item before you wear it.
  3. Handshakes will not be utilized, a wave, fist bump, or elbow bump may be substituted.
  4. Any updated measures may be installed, and you will be informed of any changes in this plan beforehand

This plan may change if it's needed to, as needed to, or eliminated. You will be told in advance. We will link to this page when corresponding with you, so you can read it, understand it, and make the best of this tough time. Your safety, as well as ours, is our priority, and all done with that in mind.