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Contact us today to find out how we can make your look all about you!  We are really looking forward to hearing from you.  For immediate questions, contact us through messenger button below and we'll be with you as fast as we can.  If not, look at our FAQs.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • WHAT DO YOU CHARGE? Since each project is unique, and timelines vary, we will be glad to listen to the details of the project you have, along with time frame and ideas. Once we hear this, we can usually generate a quote in mere minutes. The price we quote you is good for 60 days, and after that, a new quote should be done. If you require fast turnaround times, the price increases somewhat, due to the speed in which a project is needed.
    • HOW LONG SHOULD IT TAKE? Generally Speaking, we want you to have your logo in as quick as a time, without sacrificing our drive to make you the perfect project to maximize the exposure it gets, no matter what it is. We ask that you provide us an e-mail address that you check frequently. Projects usually are done faster when you're just as engaged in the project as we are. Since changes come fast, the quicker you respond, the quicker we can continue to progress and get it done.
    • DO YOU REQUIRE DOWNPAYMENT? Depending on the size of the project, and the quote, you will be required to place a deposit down before work can start. The deposit will be non-refundable. This is just certainty on our end and yours the project will move along. You will be notified immediately that you are required to deposit. There will be no hidden anything.
    • WHAT IF WE CANNOT GET THE PROJECT DONE IN TIME? If there is no way for the project to be done on time, and both parties are working diligently and together to make it work, we shouldn't have a problem. If there is a problem that occurs during the design process, Dave's Logo Designs will offer a partial refund, so you have time to go to another place if the need is. If the project's time frame had changed to an unacceptable time, and there's not enough time to work, there will be no deposit refund. If Dave's Logo Designs is waiting long periods of time for you to critique work, and time is up, it's not the fault of Dave's Logo Designs, and no refund will be given. Dave's Logo Designs is the sole decider of if the refund is warranted or not.
    • WHAT IF I WANT TO OPT OUT AS A CUSTOMER? If you chose to opt out as a customer, we will not issue a refund. The only way a refund is to be given is if Dave's Logo Designs does not work with you, or sends looks to your e-mail.
    • CAN DAVE'S LOGO DESIGNS OPT OUT? Yes we can. Dave's Logo Designs reserves the right to cease work for reasons brought to your attention. If we decide to cease services, no refund of deposits will be given, and any outstanding bills must be paid. Just because work is over, doesn't mean Dave's Logo Designs should not be paid.
    • DO YOU CREATE CUSTOM SHIRTS FOR ANYONE OR DO WE HAVE TO BUY WHAT YOU DID ON THIS SITE? Frankly, if you have a great idea, we'd love to hear it. However, if we put it in the store, we own the shirt, and we can sell it with no monetary gain to you. If you want to customize anything in the store, as long as it doesn't say you cannot, you can. Fee may apply, which will be added into the cost of the shirt. If Dave's Logo Designs creates the shirt for you, you must purchase it. We will invoice you for the cost of the shirt.

If you don't see your question here, or want to know more about how we operate and our services, contact us.

NOTE:  This form is not for any company not planning on DESIGNING or CUSTOMIZING merchandise to advertise their services.  Anyone who uses this form for advertising their services, or solicitation purposes will not be responded to.  If you wish to do business with us, e-mail us at

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