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Our Collections Have Something for Your Collection

Dave's Logo Apparel isn't just a bunch of ideas, but a collection of them. We are excited to have our charitable lineup of collections with:

We also have other collections that are perfect for any occasion:

No matter what, most items are customizable. If you don't see something you like, go to our Contact Page and we can create the look you're looking for, without breaking the bank.

For Customizing Items

Each item we can customize is located on the item description.  We also explain what you can customize the item for, and the cost.  Please message us BEFORE purchasing the product in order to customize the file for you. 

Customizing Rules:

  1. Must purchase the product AFTER customized product is shown and approved. We will show you what it looks like, and as long as you don't agree it's good, it won't go in the store. An item that goes into the store is deemed to be approved and must be purchased
  2. Product must not contain overtly offensive items, images, emojis or language. If adding a nickname, we hold the right to refuse the name.
  3. At least one original image must be kept, fonts cannot be changed. The only customizing is adding of names, or changing location of print as per the description. No excpetions.
  4. When we submit for your approval, you are responsible for verifying all information on the product, regardless of if we had originally designed. We are not responsible for errors and omissions after your approval.
  5. Item stays in the store, in the collection, until we see fit to remove it.
  6. You are given no royalties if a shirt you design is left in the store.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions before customizing and purchase.