Dave's Logo Designs Gives Back - Charitable Desinging

 We take great pride in helping those who help others.  If you're a 501c3 charity, religious group or anyone who does good for others, we'd like to talk to you about your design needs.  Our charitable design products give back to the non-profit entities that we are aligned with.


  Letters Against Depression - Sunny Days are Coming

Letters Against Depression Sunny Days are Coming Shirt

We don't just offer charity t-shirts for sale, we also offer mugs, and a wide variety of products.  Have a coffee program for people who you serve?  Our mugs can save you money disposable cups, which saves you money as wel.l 

The way it works, once we agree to work together, Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel will design merchandise you can have the people you help purchase.  Once they purchase from our site, the product is created and shipped directly to that person's address they provide.  We then will donate to you, every month, the agreed amount per product purchased.  

There is no cost to you at all!  The costs associated with the product are built into the price, once the company takes their cut, we get the profit, and we donate a portion of that back to you.  There's no work on your end.  

Thank You For Your Service Navy MugThank you for your service - Navy

We don't ask much on our end, other than you promote it just like we do.  Remember, this benefits you in the end.  The more you promote, the better the sales, the more donation you get.  If you want to, you can also add a link to the collection on your website, to help those on your website target our site to better sell your product.


At no point is there any cost for creating apparel and products.  If a logo or design must be made directly for the charity, Dave's Logo Designs will offer a discount to you.


Logo Design for your Charity, Group or Volunteer Network

  • You must prove that the service you provide is beneficial to the community, people or a combination of the two.  
  • You must prove that the service provided assists all genders, races, nationalities and types of people/communities.
  • You must explain what your organization does, not just referencing your website either.

If approved, Dave's Logo Designs will add a collection for you in our store, and provide you a link to your direct store.  If you agree to backlink to our store, once we see it, we'll link to your site as well...  it's that easy.  

If/Once approved, depending on travel distance, we'll visit you in your charity and work with you on starting the design process, and explaining further how we operate, how you benefit, and come with an advertising flyer announcing it, so we can get the flow rolling inside your building.  

Any questions, please e-mail us at daveslogodesigns@gmail.com

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