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Our New Start - Dave's Logo Apparel's First Blog Post

We are working diligently to create a store that is practical, engaging, and most of all, all about you.  We have a great selection of predesigned items, but all these predesigned items can be customized in part to reflect you more than us.  We also can work with you on getting any custom design you want to be created.  

While we don't print the items, we do in fact have a wonderful company, Printful, who fulfills and prints all our orders, and we couldn't be happier with this partnership.  

We've also just partnered up with Shopify.  This has gotten our products on eBay and Amazon platforms.  We're all about that.  

What we're really excited about are our Charitable Lines.  Working with great organizations like Letters Against Depression, Lorraine's Soup Kitchen and the Ronald McDonald House of Springfield, Massachusetts.  With our designs donating money to individual organizations.  If you run a non-profit and would like to have a line of merchandise designed by us to help donate money to your cause, e-mail us at daveslogodesigns@gmail.com to find out how.  


Most of our items can be customized, except Wall Art and Charitable Wear items.  With that being said, we will be charging a small fee for creating the custom product, and they are:

  • Coffee Mugs - $3.00
  • T-Shirt - $5.00
  • Other Apparel - $5.00 (non-wearable)
  • Create your own coffee mug - $4.00
  • Create your own t-shirt - $7.00
  • Create your own wall art - $5.00
  • Create an item - varies, depending on the item.  

Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel will create a file, and work with you to make sure it's the perfect item.  When we are complete, you must pay for the fee BEFORE the item is placed in the store.  Once an item is put in the store (barring personalization of the shirt with names), the item becomes the property of Dave's Logo Designs and Apparel, and we can continue to sell the item until we decide to stop selling it.